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A long standing relationship with a local builder has seen General Reclaimed Bricks supply a residential development in London's SW10 with over 16,000 reclaimed bricks. The renovation in Chelsea saw large rear extensions on two town houses to make way for further living space.

Toby Hunt, contract manager on the development site , commented, " General Reclaimed bricks made it easy for us by ensuring; deliveries were on time and all bricks supplied were of a high quality.

General Reclaimed Bricks take pride in supplying satisfied customers with reclaimed bricks throughout Surrey, London and the South East.

Reclaimed bricks are bricks that are rescued from old buildings and cleaned up.

Their edges are typically worn and irregular and they may have remnants of mortar due to their original use.

Good quality reclaimed bricks only require 2 workable sides, 1 bond and 1 stretch.

Many will have fine creases, characteristic folds and variations in colour that typify old brickwork. It is this combination, which many feel gives "Reclaims" a charm and character all of their own.

We also offer a brick matching service where we do our upmost to find the correct style for you.

Reclaimed Hand Made Red Bricks

Handmade Reclaimed bricks are pre- used bricks that often date from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. When you see them in the packs - most people will usually love them or hate them. They often vary in every way possible.. but can "ooze" character.

reclaimed red rubber bricks

Reclaimed Mixed Multi Stock Bricks

Predominately used within the London area & in smaller numbers in the outskirts, used more often for backing-up or garden walls rather than face work. Colours approximately 60% red & 40% yellow within the pack & often some black fleck.

reclaimed multistock bricks

Reclaimed Red Wire Cut Bricks

Found in various parts of the country, traditionally these bricks were cut from large blocks of clay with wire prior to firing in kilns and leaves a similar effect when cheese is cut with wire. A very hard dense brick, smooth faced, solid with no frog. A class ‘B’ engineering brick often used as paviors.

red wire cut reclaimed bricks


Reclaimed Yellow Gaunt Bricks

Predominately used in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & surrounding areas, can be found in other Southerly areas in smaller numbers. A hard textured smooth faced brick.

yellow gaunt reclaimed bricks

Reclaimed Yellow Multi Stock Bricks

Predominately used within the London area & in smaller numbers on the outskirts, they have the same appearance & texture as yellow stocks, colours approximately 80% yellow & 20% red within the pack.

reclaimed yellow multi stock bricks

Reclaimed Yellow Stock Bricks

Predominately used within the London area, mass produced at Smead Dean Brickworks, Kent in the early 1900’s, can also be found on the out-skirts in smaller numbers. A Yellow Brick sometimes with a tinge of black fleck which is ash in the clay turning black when fired. Colours do vary slightly from a bright canary yellow to a darker tanny shade of yellow.

reclaimed yellow stock bricks


General Reclaimed Bricks is an integral part of the recycling and reclaimation process at General Demolition.

As one of the construction industry's leading reclaimed brick recycling companies, General Reclaimed Bricks serve London, the Home Counties and the South of England.

General Reclaimed Bricks is a leading supplier of used and second hand bricks. Based in Walton on Thames, Surrey, and part of the General Demolition group of companies, they form an integral part of the reclaimation and recycling process.





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